Seller refers to the website owner – The person to whom the order for the purchase has been given.
Buyer refers to the person or organization placing the order.
Goods or services refer to the product(s) for which the buyer has placed an order for with the seller.


All payments are due upon completion of an order. If payment is not received or the payment method is declined the order will not be placed for the products and no items will be shipped. The buyer forfeits the ownership of any items due to non-payment. We accept most major credit cards and debit cards including Visa and Mastercard.

shipping policies

Shipping will be paid for by the buyer in the amount calculated by the seller at the time of purchase. If an item is lost during shipping, the total cost of the item including shipping will be refunded to the buyer by the seller. If an item is damaged during shipping, seller will not be held responsible. The seller will take all reasonable steps to ensure the protection from loss, damage or destruction of the services or materials it supplies the buyer.

return policy

Thanks for shopping with us. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we'll help you. As the products are customized, we do not offer a refund but our formulation team will assist you to make a better product.


The orders can be cancelled before it is shipped. For cancellations please drop us an email on